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The Comptroller- General exchanging pleasantries with personnel after the Durbar

The Comptroller- General of the Ghana Immigration Service, Kwame Asuah Takyi, has disclosed that he is going to adopt the servant leadership approach in leading the Service and work hand in hand with the

Directorate and Management especially in decisions concerning the growth and development of the institution. He further stressed that although he is the head he will not impose his will on the Service.

Speaking at a Staff Durbar held at the National Headquarters in Accra to officially introduce him to the personnel of the Service since his appointment, he reiterated that his administration will not adopt the divide and rule strategy.

The Comptroller- General exchanging pleasantries with personnel after the Durbar

Outlining his vision, he said he will invest in capacity building of personnel so they can much up with their counterparts, protect the directorate, management and all personnel of the Service. But he was quick to add that he will not condone any officer who engages in any unlawful act or misconduct.
The Comptroller - General again mentioned that his administration will espouse zero tolerance for indiscipline and not compromise on it. He admonished personnel to be disciplined in thought, behavior and in deed and do away with ‘pull him down attitude’ which he termed as ‘crabology’

He told personnel that transfers are usually done as a matter of operational expediency and therefore officers should not see it as an act of vindictiveness. He emphatically assured personnel that he is not in to victimize anybody but his sole objective is to move the Service forward with the help and guidance of God.

Border patrol
Mr. Takyi revealed that the Border Patrol Unit will be revamped and equipped adequately to effectively patrol the frontiers of the country and also strengthen intelligence and surveillance, especially in this era of global terrorism.

On interdiction, he assured personnel that no officer will be on interdiction for more than six months and due process would be put in place to speed up the procedure.

The Comptroller- General further stated that he cannot succeed as the head of the institution without the help of the people he has been called to serve. He consequently advocated for the support of all personnel to help move the Service forward.


Snr. Insp / Public Affairs
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