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The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has intercepted forty-six (44) Ghanaian teenage girls at the Aflao and the Segbe Border Post enroute to Saudi Arabia to be employed as house helps through Togo, Benin and Nigeria.
Two (2) suspected traffickers (Ghanaians) and two (2) drivers (Nigerians) who were accompanying the victims and attempting to traffic them have also been arrested and are in the custody of the GIS helping in investigations for prosecution.

Preliminary investigations indicate that, the suspected traffickers promised the girls lucrative jobs and recruited them without telling their parents the truth about their journey. It was also revealed that one Mohammed Nasiru, a Ghanaian suspected notorious trafficker, told some of the girls that he was sending them for a Moslem program in Nigeria. 
Some of the victims´ onboard Go-Express bus which plies that road to Nigeria recounted how their visas and passports were acquired for them without being asked to pay for anything by the suspected traffickers and transport fares to Nigeria also paid for on their behalf.

Some of these innocent victims also claim to have made enquiries themselves about advertisements through the media on supposed lucrative jobs in the Gulf Area for young girls and became interested to embark on the journey to seek for the so called ´greener pastures ´ or lucrative jobs.

The arrest comes shortly after Government´s directive to ban travelling of all Ghanaian teenage girls wishing to travel to the Gulf areas through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA). This laudable directive from Government has since disrupted activities of smugglers and human traffickers’ ´businesses´.
The GIS is therefore not taking chances and has since put in place more stringent measures at the KIA to make the trafficking of persons a near impossibility which is causing the traffickers to use the land borders as alternative routes.
Meanwhile personnel of the Border Patrol Unit has been put on high alert to lookout for suspected traffickers or agents who may attempt using any unapproved or approved routes to engage in this illicit business.
The general public is also cautioned to be weary of unscrupulous persons promising them lucrative jobs outside the country especially to the Gulf areas.


Snr. Insp / Public Affairs
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